Monday, November 10, 2014

Walmart Custumer Service

I have never called a corporate customer service line for any company before this incident.  I have learned a lot about the process with just this one experience.  Walmart seems to work a bit differently than the other chains I have contacted.  Walmart requires much more persistence, patience, and time.  Here is how it has gone down for me with Walmart.

The very day I first saw the inappropriate Cosmo cover I covered them all up and then spoke to an employee about the problem.  She agreed with me and I asked her to mention it to her manager for me.  The next thing I knew, one of the mangers approached me in the checkout line.  I told him my concern and he told me there was nothing he could do about it.  I told him that was not true and that if he wanted to do something about it that he could. 

The next day I called corporate Walmart.  The rep I spoke to agreed with my concern and assured me that Cosmopolitan magazine is actually supposed to be covered at the checkstands.  What?  Really?  I couldn't believe it.  I actually called in again to ask another rep to be sure.  Again, I was told that they are meant to be covered.  I then called the store manager and told her what I was told by the corporate representatives.  She also agreed with my concern and said she would speak to the vendors and have that magazine covered from then on.  I could not believe it.  Wonderful!

Well, they covered them-- partially.  They used partial blinders that covered the inappropriate headlines, but left the picture exposed.  Another call to corporate, who said they were transferring me to higher management and put me through to the same store manager.  She told me that these covers or blinders were all the vendor could do.  Hmm.  No, not good enough.  You guessed it, I called corporate again.

This time the corporate rep gave sent an email with my concern to the regional marketing manager.  I was told that I would be contacted by him.  I told the rep that this is not only a regional issue, but a global one and that I'd like to be in contact with higher management that can promote change internationally.  (Just a small request.)  He kindly told me that he was required to follow specific protocol in the handling of these issues.  Basically, they can only give me one possible solution at a time, starting from the bottom. 

He did do me a favor, however, and give me two possible solutions in the same phone call.  He also gave me the Ethics Hotline number.  This is a Walmart hired, third party group that investigates ethical breaches.  He felt like my concern could fall into this category.  (As in it is unethical for Walmart to require their customers to view inappropriate pictures of women before they purchase their macaroni and cheese.)  I called this hotline and reported what had happened thus far in my efforts to get the inappropriate pictures covered.  He filed a report and said it would be investigated.  I haven't heard anything more there yet.

I was, however, contacted by the assistant's assistant for the regional marketing manager.  She heard me out and said the assistant was on vacation but would get back to me within a few days.  The assistant did get back to me and was wonderful.  She had been working on the problem.  She was able to contact the supplier of the full blinders and had them ordered for my local Walmart.  She said it would take 1-2 weeks, but that they should be covered up by November 4th. 

I asked this woman what do my friends do that don't live in this region.  Do they have to spend the hours I did on the phone to try and find you, the one they really needed to talk to?  I asked if I could have the phone number to the company that supplies the full blinder covers so we can give that number to the store managers who don't think they have access to full blinders?  She said no, but she gave me her number instead and said anyone having this same problem could call her.  If you ask me, that is a pretty big deal.  Please contact me and I will get you her number if your local store manager does not have full blinders or know how to get them.

Unfortunately, it is November 10th and they are still only using the partial blinder.  So, the work continues.  Today I will need to call the local store manager back and ask what the latest is.  I will let her know that the regional marketing management team ordered full blinders and ask if they have received them yet.  If she is not responsive, then I will need to contact the regional marketing people again.

Wow, right?  Walmart requires an awful lot of hoops to jump through, that is for sure.  The overall message here is that this requires continued diligence.  The vendors come in often to restock the magazines, so the blinders may not always be in place.  This can happen even when the store wants them covered.  It takes speaking up sometimes for them to even realize they have been left uncovered.  They are busy and they are concerned with a lot of things in their store, not just the checkout aisles. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


All right, folks.  This lady is officially on a mission.  What is my cause, you may ask?  I am so over the half-nude magazine pictures at our checkout stands.  Yes, Cosmopolitan is probably the worst, but there are many at the checkstands that would like to compete with Cosmo's pornographic nature.

This effort began just last week on Tuesday.  I was at Walmart and approaching the checkout stands.  Cosmopolitan magazine was strategically placed on every end cap.  What was on the cover (and as of now is still on the cover) is a woman with a button down shirt open to her navel.  The photo plainly  reveals too much.

In that moment it all changed for me.  I was distraught, quite honestly.  I parked my three and one year boys in line and ran to every end cap to cover this damaging magazine cover.  C.R.A.Z.Y.  I felt panicked.  I felt as though there was a fire that had to be immediately put out, but that I was the only one who could see that there was a fire.

HERE IS THE DEALIO.  Grocery stores usually have a magazine aisle.  They do not choose to put Maxim magazine at the checkout register.  They do not put Sports Illustrated swim suit issue at the checkout register.  When inappropriate images are placed at the checkout register, the consumer is forced to view it.  If it is in the magazine aisle, I can choose to not view it.  PLEASE STOP SHOVING INAPPROPRIATE IMAGAES OF WOMEN DOWN MY THROAT!  I am done and over it.  Get the magazines covered up or get them out of the check stands. 

Please join me in this cause.  I have much more to share from the past eight days.  I have learned a lot about this process of pushing for change and want to share it with you in hopes that you will choose to also voice your concern.

Since last Tuesday, I have committed myself to no longer stand idly by on this issue.  I refuse to go through one more checkstand with inappropriate magazines displayed without saying something to the clerk and to the manager.  I have learned that there is always a manager on duty, so speak up!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ava has a thing for motorcycles. "Mom, I want to marry a cycle when I grow up." Ava hiking to the "C" with Uncle David. A group of Doman cousins in Crane after hiking to the "C". Harrison and newest cousin Zachary.

Monday, March 7, 2011

20 lbs. 5 oz.

Yeah. 4 1/2 months old. Need I say more?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Last of Alaska

Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC. Incredible.

We splurged on one excursion and took a float plane tour. It was absolutely breathtaking. Clay sat copilot.

In town at Ketchikan.
So that is our trip. Biggest thanks go to Mom and Dad who came to watch the kids. Poor Mom when to the emergency room the day we left with terrible pain and ended up having her appendix out. CRAZY. Crazy. Crazy. Wow. Thanks so much Mom and Dad.
Besides Mom's terrible mishap, our trip was so great. I just loved doing those things that we don't do as much together now- hiking, biking, ok- just being together without all our daily demands. That was just so great. THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Alaska

We came across these bears by accident on a road up above them on our bikes. I was so freaked out!

... then we realized they were in an old water tank enclosure.
... then we realized that the old water tank enclosure is actually called "Fortress of the Bears."

I wonder if those people watching from that viewing area know they could see the bears from the road for free...

If you look closely in the pic above, there is a bear in the water standing up and staring right at us. We had just eaten the subway sandwiches that we had packed with us. Amazingly enough, the wind was blowing at us and the bear still picked us up big time. As we went down the road a little ways it followed to the side of the tank, still sniffing us out and staring us down. That was very scary- even if they couldn't get out.

Three bald eagles on the side of the road. They were everywhere.

Yes, a mountain lake with a little fishing boat and dock for anyone to use. Yeah, Clay was really kicking himself for not bringing his fly rod. Maybe next time...

The glacier was absolutely spectacular. I didn't really understand what a glacier was before I went. I kept thinking, what's the big deal, a big pile of snow and ice. Well, it was awesome. When pieces of the glacier break off it is called calving. It sounds a bit like thunder. We loved it.

On our way back to the ship, we found this little bike teeter totter just off the road. I almost peed my pant when Clay turned off and went for it! Well, first I peed my pants, then I quickly got the camera out so you could pee your pants laughing at whatever was going to happen. I tried to put one other video on, but it wouldn't work. He rode the teeter totter, then ran into that giant boulder there on the left. Only his pride was injured, so it was a great laugh. That was almost as cool as the glacier.